This is a question I hear quite a lot from younger generations who are wondering when is the best time to begin putting crucial documents in place: “When should I start an estate plan?” Well, it depends! Let’s ask a few questions and see if you should be getting a leg up on your legacy.

Below are a few life events that should always trigger getting your affairs in order for ANY adult over 18 years of age:

1. Children and Estate Planning

This is probably the most over-looked trigger for estate planning and it’s definitely one of the most important! Discussing with your mom or a godparent that you would want them to raise your kids if something happens to you is not enough. There must be legal documents in place if you want your wishes to be honored. And what about accidents? Does the babysitter know who to call if you don’t make it home tonight? There are mainly two types of guardians that need to be named in order to ensure that your child never spends one minute in the arms of a stranger, such as protective custody. Read more by clicking here and ask about our Child Protection Plan.

2. Marriage and Estate Planning

Most people think that when they pass away everything automatically goes to their spouse or children. Not the case! This is especially important if this is a second marriage and your family is blended. Similarly, many people think that your spouse is automatically your Power of Attorney and can make your financial or health care decisions if something happens and you can’t communicate. Again, this is not true. A judge decides who gets to make your decisions. Unless you’ve already made them! This is where you can take control with a Living Trust.

3. Property and Estate Planning

Just like insurance, an estate plan is there to protect your assets if something happens to you. If you inherited the family home or farm that’s been handed down for generations, do you want to risk that having to be sold off by your children to pay for your long-term care or a nursing home? What about family disagreements? One child wants to keep the house while the other wants to sell but doesn’t have enough money to buy their sibling out. What do they do? You can protect your home and property from creditors or family feudes with a Trust. Find out how by attending my next FREE seminar!

4. Loved Ones and Estate Planning

Think about what you own. Even if it isn’t a lot! Do you have a car? Your great-grandmother’s wedding ring? Do you have a charity that you’re passionate about? Do you want someone you trust to make your healthcare decisions if you’re in an accident or would you rather a judge decide what happens to you? No matter how much or how little you think you may own, everyone has someone that they love and care about. Having a plan in place ensures that you get to choose what happens not just with your “stuff” but to YOU!

These are all considerations that should influence when to start an estate planning. The great thing about what we do at Pierchoski Estate Law is that YOU choose the plan that’s right for you and your loved ones! Whether you decide a Trust Plan or a Will plan is best for your family, we are here to help you understand your options to the fullest so that your family will be protected in the way that you choose.

A Note from the Attorney, Stan Pierchoski

The practice of law is a second career for me. After obtaining Master of Science degrees in both Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering, I worked in the Nuclear Power Industry for 15 years. Always having an interest in law, I attended and graduated from law school and founded the Pierchoski Law Firm in 2002 in Pulaski, TN. For several years I practiced as a criminal defense, trial attorney. After my parents passed I became interested in Trust and Estate Law and felt a strong calling to change my practice to the Estate Planning area.

For years I have been exclusively doing trust writing and wealth planning and have become proficient at it. Over the last several years my practice has evolved to serve all age groups including elders and Medicaid Planning. I am always open to your questions and am more than happy to chat with you about your concerns so give me a call or stop by my office. You’ll be glad you did!